Tuesday, December 12, 2017

On a side note, the NY Times thingy is pretty cool

A lot of graphs, colors, bubbles.
Made it nice and suspenseful like I was watching an NFL game or something.
Just need to add music and cheerleaders and we're all set.

And on the day I delete my FB account...

Good things happen in AL
I think not!

As of 8:18pm AZ time, NY Times reports as such

One wants to be hopeful yet has a strange feeling in the back of one's mind that the wheels could fall off any second...

Juan Minuto

Juan Minuto Is said to have beat the Devil in a show down.
On a hot mid-summer day deep in the back alleys of Rosarito, Baja, Juan is said to have consumed 12 carne asada tacos inside of 15 minutes to defeat The Fallen One.
Know your Blues history!


This war is gonna end.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Tijuana population: 1.4 million
Estadio Caliente: home of the Tijuana Xolos soccer team
seating capacity of 21,000
Largest Attendance
 Cruz Azul
Lowest Attendance

Greater Los Angeles population: 13 million
StubHub Center Seating Capacity 27,000 
Attendace 2017:
25381 week 2
25386 week 3
25374 week 4
25388 week 7
25015 week 11
25320 week 13

Suddenly my San Diego/Tijuana Twin City International stadium idea doesn't seem like a bad idea after all. hahahahhaa