Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Do I Want to Photograph?

I believe that photography is nothing more than an extension of your already established passion or passions in life.
I love photographing people making music.
I love photographing nude models.
I love making portraits of people.

Fashion is OK.
Landscape is OK.
I've done those and some turned out OK but my best work has always been about what I love.

Photography and the process is not the end all. What I mean is that I don't care about gear. I don't care about digital vs. analog. I don't care about being commercial.

What I care about is creating an everlasting vibe with depth that sticks with someone long after they've seen a photograph.

Whether it be sex, drugs, or rock and roll, to have someone linger in the moment long after it's passes is something worthwhile to achieve for it is at that moment when you've made not only an outside connection but a true contribution to humanity.